Thursday, September 27, 2007

October Horoscopes

(October 23 - November 22)

Sol moves into the land of Scorpio October 23rd around 2:30 PM Greenwich time (6:30 AM on the Pacific Coast) . Mars follows on the Sun’s heels just three hours later and Venus follows the next morning. By the time Venus (female principle) meets Mars (male principle) in the early morn of the 25th, we have five planets in this steamy area of the sky. Scorpio energy is both instinctual and mysterious. Buried amidst Scorpio tendencies is a fascination with the dark, unspoken words and lies agreed on.

Almost every major astrological aspect this Scorpio season concerns a planet in Scorpio. This is NOT the norm. Until November 17th when Venus moves into Sagittarius, we are deeply enmeshed in the land of truth and lies and all their shades of gray. Honesty and reality encounter the hidden and unrevealed. Yin and yang meet in the smoky world of passions.

There is a less obvious side to this energy however, one that raises the level of emotional awareness, casts off illusion and gets to the heart of the matter. ith five planets clustered in this section of the sky, making aspects to outer planets in OTHER sections of the sky, it is pretty much guaranteed that this will NOT be a dull moment in time. There are lessons here; lessons in extreme trust and inner honesty. Outmoded desires can be shed or transformed so that pleasure, love and appreciation rise from the ashes. This is not a season for the faint of heart, so dig deep, take your bravery pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes.


Desires meet intent often, but when they meet in the land of Scorpio? Ah, there is the mystery. Issues about sex (good, bad, indifferent – not enough, not enough of what you desire) could certainly be in the forefront – especially in October. Even if you don’t have a partner or want one, there is a mysterious passion to these days. There are opportunities; there are choices. There is the brick wall of ego that continues to remind us of our limitations even as we stretch ourselves to find a new and unconventional route around them.

As October comes to an end our instincts sharpen. We have the ability to see beyond the obvious. Insights mix with instincts and if we are willing, and if we are ready, and if we are prepared, we can venture into unchartered lands. Our intellect is able to see beneath lies and jealousy and truths left unspoken to accept ….. simply accept what we can have.

There is change afoot. Inner change. Change we may never have dreamed of. What we want and need, and who we truly are, no longer wants to be hidden. Unveiling is at hand. Week two of November asks for decisions. The shadowy world of dreams hints at tomorrows and we puzzle what secrets could be revealed if we only could listen with our hearts.

Scorpio energy is about truth; it is about reality. But inherent in our world of contrasts and balances we have, as always, the opposite – we have lies. This season merges into a time of knowledge and personal answers, but before we can find our own authentic solutions, we need to differentiate between what is real and what is not. No one else can do this for us; it is our job and this is our time.

Neptune changes to “forward motion” October 29th. Mercury turns direct on the 17th and Uranus follows on the 19th. Our struggle with inner change moves out into the world. All the planets are moving forward as the Sun enters Sagittarian skies on the 22nd. There is opportunity; there is perception; there is the willingness to be true to ourselves and speak our minds.

And we move forward.

ARIES – You may find yourself a bit “off” this Scorpio season. Aries and Scorpio have a slightly uncomfortable relationship. This isn’t a hit me over the head with the changes I need to make kind of energy; it is more about subtle shifts. The 25th could have you especially on edge. What is it you need? What is it you want? Do your really know or have you been kidding yourself all along (or at least lately)? There are some ego issues in the mix. You may find that you need to take a few metaphorical steps to modify your position so that next month’s free flowing energy can be used to its best effect. October 8 offers a time when you can find a new, unusual and unconventional way to segue into a new mode. Look for inspiration that is outside your normal comfort zone. As the month continues, you may find yourself with an overabundance of alternatives. The 17th offers a time for choices. Daydreams are fine, but try to see beneath the obvious (or beyond the fantasy) when you make your decisions.

TAURUS – All this Scorpio energy is directly across the sky from your natal sun. This includes Venus, ruler of your sun. While there are of course “all those other planets” in your personal chart that could buffer these energies, it is pretty well defined that this season will be difficult for you ego. This could come to a pivotal point (or less say a pivotal point within a pivotal season) around the 5th when the moon is in Taurus. Feelings of darkness could come into play. Too much against you, too many secrets, an inability to find your way into prosperity – any or all of these themes could become the norm. This is in some ways a testing time. You need to find a meeting place between what you may not want to face and what you feel you need for yourself. What is the MOST important thing to you? That is part of the question of this Scorpio season. Dig deep and be willing to look at the truth and it can be used to alter you ego structure. This isn’t a metaphorical lobotomy underway, even small shifts can be useful. There isn’t a lot of help out there in the sky for you right now Taurus. It is all up to you. Use your strength of will to make the changes that need to be made.

GEMINI – Mercury, your sun’s ruling planet, is part of the Scorpio cadre moving across our skies. So in some ways this energy may effect you a bit more than if Mercury were elsewhere. A sense of things not being “quite” right could easily permeate the days. This isn’t necessarily difficult energy, just slightly bothersome. It may be difficult to tell just what is wrong – but there is something unknown throwing you off course a bit. The slower moving, outer planets have been in their same energy patterns for awhile now; it is likely that their influence seems like the “norm” even though it will shift again eventually. This month for all of us, it’s all about Scorpio. Your assignment (should you wish to accept it) is to simply make it through, pay attention, watch for subtle shifts in the energies around you. This isn’t a big Deal With It month and that is most likely a relief BECAUSE Mercury is in retrograde from October 28th to November 18th. It is just as well that you have little else on your plate. So, use this time for some introspection if that feels right. Not everything is perfect in life and every little thing we can do to make it better for ourselves counts. This is a good time to dig deep and remember; you may find some answers you didn’t expect.

CANCER- All that Scorpio energy is trining you sun. In simple terms, Cancer is a water sign (feelings) and Scorpio is also a water sign – you two basically get along. That is usually seen as a “good” thing, and it is. That being said, this is a LOT of Scorpio energy all at once and even though trines offer smooth flowing supportive energy in general, there is always a chance of too much of a good thing. It would be easy enough for Cancer folks to fall into the waters too deeply, feel too much, becoming even more enmeshed in emotion than they normally are. Again, not a bad thing, but there is some danger off falling into a vortex of sensitivity. Proceed with awareness. Being true to yourself – especially in the ephemeral zones of the metaphysical universe is utmost this month. Trust your instincts and hold on to your personal beliefs. Don’t get pulled into someone else’s truths – or lies.

LEO – There’s no earth-shattering news in the sky for you this month, Leo. Sometimes (albeit rarely) it isn’t all about you (wink). There are no major aspects to your ruler and while those Scorpio planets aren’t in the most comfortable of places, they ……… Oh wait! All those Scorpio planets aren’t just squaring your sun, they are also squaring SATURN who has been hanging out in Leo for some time now. Is this good? Is this bad? Well, by now you have probably figured out what that Saturn energy means to you personally and how it affects your life. The theme is about lessons, time passing, “brick walls” you can’t seem to get past – you get the picture. This Scorpio season there is a push (most likely not completely friendly) to make some choice about those lessons that keep popping up. Avoidance may indeed be futile; there is likely nowhere to hide these next few weeks. The truth is out there and even if you have been fighting it, it is NOT going away. There is some good news here. We most always grow from our Saturn lessons. We usually don’t like that growth, but after we make it though the trials we are better for it. It is time to dig deep and see what changes need to be made so that you can move forward.

VIRGO – There is a bit of an edge to the next few weeks, and for Virgo that’s not a bad thing. There is excitement a foot. It may be a bit mysterious, it may be deep and sinister. The truth is (and Scorpio is all about truth) that sometimes you need to be shaken a bit. Virgo energy has much going for it, but exhilaration usually isn’t it. It may be time to break out of old patterns and venture over to the dark side – even if that only means having a non-diet carbonated beverage for a change. Mercury, your sun’s ruler, turns retrograde on October 28th in – you got it – the sign of Scorpio. It could easily be a time of soul searching and deep conversations with soul mates. Halloween could be a very special day for you; look for opportunities FOR that deep communication. Don’t let ego get too mixed up in your interactions. You may find yourself going over some old territories around the 11th of November; taking a closer look could bring you the truth of the matter. Mercury turns direct on November 18th and you can begin to make plans for the future. And right now, it’s looking pretty bright!

LIBRA – What is it that your heart desires? Have you really bothered to look lately? None of those superficial house, car – even “true love” lists now. We are talking about digging deep to see what you REALLY want. This could easily be a time where you just coast through the days. Still, there are some important Universal hints going on here. There is a lot of energy simply asking you to stop living on the surface of your life. Decisions are often difficult for Libra folks, but this energy isn’t really asking to CHOOSE, it is asking you to LOOK. If, when you have delved into the sometimes scary recesses of your heart you come up with a fairly long list of “needs”, that’s OK. You can worry about picking from them later. For now, all the Universe wants is for you to be brave enough to look. Times around the 25th and 27th of October are particularly notable for this energy. November 2 could give you intuitive insights on personal authenticity – how true are you being to the real you. And circle (a big one) November 15th as it has the possibility of being GLORIOUS!

SCORPIO – Well it is definitely ALL about you this season Scorpio. That is true for each of us around birthday times of course, but THIS year there is a powerhouse of energy in your sun sign. Birthday times can be difficult and with that much energy in your part of the sky it could feel like bombardment time. There is no easy way to get out of this energy. It is there for a purpose and getting through it is part of the process. With Saturn (lessons and boundaries) squaring you sun for the long term, there is most likely something afoot here. Is their something you don’t want to face? Something that you have let fall beneath the surface of you feelings? Ego plays a part here. Lessons about ego and hiding the truth from yourself. So, dig deep and find some answers these next few weeks. Keep in mind as you go through the process – and going through the process IS in part the process (smile)-- that you have intuition in your corner as well as the ability to see things from a very wide-angled view. Your approach can be varied but digging deep as well as looking from afar are both parts of the method. May you find what needs to be found.

CAPRICORN – Scorpio season is good news – bad news in some respects this year. While all those planets are in an enhancing mode to your natal sun they are ALSO in a not so easy mode to your sun’s ruler Saturn. So, while it is likely that much of you will appreciate the delving honesty of this time, a part of you may fight against any choices that honesty presents. Capricorn likes rules – sometimes a bit too much (smile). Scorpio? Not so much. The end can justify some slippery means of getting there. And with an “I” am the authority thing going on for Capricorn at the moment, you can see that the energies don’t mix all that easily. During this time as the individual Scorpio planets square you sun’s ruler you may find that events will present themselves that push you to beyond your ego and into a more feeling place. It could be a dark journey, but at the same time it is very likely worth the effort. Some exact dates include 10-25 when opportunities may be offered that call for some difficult decisions along the way, 11-1 when communication is the lead story of the day, 11-7 when what you really need is at odds with who you believe you are, and the 11-17 when it is ALL about ego. Best of success this season!

AQUARIUS – OK. It isn’t a big secret that Aquarian energy isn’t in sync with Scorpio. We tend to rub each other the wrong way at times -- well frequently would be more accurate. There are of course exceptions and of course MANY other planets in our charts besides our suns – each a part of who we are and how we deal with others. Our sun’s ruler Uranus is currently (and for the long term) trining Scorpio. So, there is an opportunity here for – dare I say it – learning and growing (wink). If we take up the challenge what can we expect to learn? A bit more about feeling most likely. It isn’t that Aquarians don’t care, it is simply that we tend to see such a VAST picture that the caring fades into the distance a bit. As the inner planets move through Scorpio they will each trine Uranus adding one more push to dig deep and let feelings in. This isn’t the first or last time this energy has come around, it will happen every year in some version. You may have noticed it already creeping into your life. So, if nothing else, this Scorpio season (and it is a mighty one) could be about RECOGNITION of the process as much as anything else. Trigger dates are November 2, 3, 8, 13. Watch for some special hints at that time.

PISCES – The cadre of Scorpio planets are trining you sun this month and that can’t be bad. Right? Well, could be (wink). Still, that is a lot of energy – even “friendly” energy – directed towards your sun. The planet of change and personal authenticity, Uranus, has been in your sun sign for years now. Most likely you have noticed. This Scorpio season may find you delving deeply into what it means to truly be the authentic you. Facades could be abandoned or at least set aside while you take a look. There is a bit of scary stuff here, or there could be. Most of us don’t want to look to deeply, and Pisces has such strong feelings that it can be easy to fall into them. It could be difficult to come back, so take small steps. At the same time all this soul searching is in the works, the same planets are squaring Neptune, your sun’s ruler. So what you learn will most likely cause some choices to be made. There are decisions a foot. No way of getting around that. It will most likely be an interesting time for you Pisces. The particular trigger days to look for hints are November 2, 3, 8, 13 as well as 7, 9 and 17. See what I mean? Be sure and take your vitamins – you got work to do!

September Horoscopes

(September 23 - October 23)

The sun moves into Libra around 5 AM Universal time on the 23rd of September. That’s 8 PM on the 22nd Pacific Coast time. Whatever time zone you inhabit the energy moves into the land of relationships and peacekeeping. Courtesy, respect, and serenity are all positive terms attributed to Libran energies. But here’s one that isn’t mentioned often – “enlightened selfishness”.

Most of us have a tendency to immediately slap a BAD label on anything that puts someone’s needs over another’s. We move into “that’s not fair”, “it’s better to be self-LESS” and “how can one be both enlightened AND selfish? No way!” It is true that each sign has what we have labeled “good” and “bad” energies. Most often though, those energies can be EITHER good or bad. We could take the Libran ability to see both sides of a question, argument or issue -- which most of us would consider a positive attribute and flip the same energy to be the inability to make a decision BECAUSE of the ability to see both sides of the question, argument or issue.

So let’s look at enlightened selfishness and try omit any preconceived conclusions.


1: freed from ignorance and misinformation

2: based on full comprehension of the problems involved


1 : concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others

2 : arising from concern with one's own welfare or advantage in disregard of others

If we look at the Merriam-Webster definitions we find that the word enlightened sounds pretty lofty and intelligent while selfishness isn’t mentioned in such glowing terms. But also note that there is no guaranteed harm coming to another person because of someone’s selfishness. There is no intent to impact others in a negative way. Selfishness is merely putting yourself first without taking others (two others, a family of others, a world of others) into consideration.

If each of us were looking out for our best interests with the FULL COMPREHENSION OF THE PROBLEMS INVOLVED and filled with knowledge and even wisdom, is this necessarily a bad thing? If we are choosing our own best roads to fulfillment and those choices make us better people – better friends, lovers, brothers, sisters, parents, children or even employees – don’t we become a positive addition to the lives of those around us?

If we make informed (enlightened) choices for ourselves that make us happier people, doesn’t that add to the happiness of those close to us? The key here of course is that tricky “enlightened” adjective. How do we get to the point where we consider ourselves “freed from ignorance and misinformation”? Ah! Yes, a mighty slippery slope.

I suggest that along with acts of Libran compromise, balance and rapport we take some time to look at the balancing side – enlightened selfishness. We can all get lost in the weighing and measuring, the what ifs and wherefores of our situations. We can take so much time worrying about ALL the others that our choices might impact that we simply forget about ourselves. Sometimes we have to trust that at least the more enlightened parts of ourselves actually know what we need and want. Sometimes we have to let those parts push us a bit into enlightened selfishness.

By Sign:

ARIES – Watch for events that “confront” your ego. Lessons are almost always available and this Libra time will most likely have a few to offer. The first week in October could be a time of insight. What is it you truly need to feel complete and your authentic self? Use your imagination to find the answers. Watch from a far away perspective and look for balancing actions that will enrich your life. Mid month energies ask you to look beyond any fears to find your own personal truths. You cannot take all your baggage with you if you intend to move forward. Just before the sun moves into Scorpio on the 23 you have one more opportunity to work with this Libra energy. It can either present itself as another LESSON or – if you have done your homework this month – as an exclamation point, signaling “I think I’ve got it!”

TAURUS – Your comfort zone is most likely not too secure these days. That isn’t new news. Intellectually there may seem like there is no way out; that opportunities are in the nil camp. The current energy – and in some ways this began last Fall – is forcing you to look at some difficult truths. The important thing to remember is that these are current “truths” and not the truths for the future. The Universe is always in flux. Things can change but you need to be a part of the change. Even small shifts make a difference. Mid October offers some excellent energies for moving forward into the person you would like to be and the life you would like to live.

GEMINI – There is an abundance of supportive, free-flowing energy coming your way this Libra season. Those long term insights on how you can find and hold onto your authentic self are being bolstered by the planets trining your Sun from Libra. Even amidst all this “good stuff” energy – and especially after the beginning of October – there are some trials. If you just float along on the river you really don’t get to discover much, so there are a few choices and nudges afoot. Mid month energies ask you to delve beneath the obvious to discover some new truths. These insights could change the direction of your path. As the Libra days end there could be some large metaphorical boulders in your trail. You might be able to climb over them, but the effort is most likely not justified. Try moving around them instead.

CANCER – Decisions and choices take center stage during this Libra time especial in October. You could find people and events pushing your buttons. This isn’t a confrontational energy, more of a stab in the ribs sort of thing. Who are you? Where are you going? And, as October begins, what do you want? You probably already have a good idea about some of these answers, but Libra’s energy ask you to reevaluate. In your corner and making this whole process a bit easier you have both your intellect and “gifts” from the Universe. Look at any opportunities that arise carefully. You might have a tendency to disregard something that will actually work well for you. The time around October 22nd could be particularly auspicious so keep an eye out. Being willing to make some changes in your game plan and take a leap of faith is key.

LEO – Excitement is building. And while there are some sticky wickets in the mix, try not to over-think things. Looking too deeply could reveal problems you just don’t want to mess with. The energies asking you to enjoy and revel in life’s experiences are much more in line with your Leo-ness, after all. If you just can’t let those problems alone, then be honest about it all. No suppositions, no fantasy. Base any decisions on investigation, not guesses. There are many “good days” for Leos this Libra season including October 10, 16 and 18. Be aware on October 22nd.

VIRGO - The only thing that stays the same is change. Many of the faster moving planets have exited your sign now. You’re in the clear. Their influence is lessoning for awhile – at least as far as your natal sun is concerned. In some ways life will most likely be a bit calmer during our Libra days. Those slow moving planets are still out there though with their long term effects. Uranus is ensconced across the sky from your Sun reminding you that nothing stands still -- especially beliefs. Pluto is still asking you to look through past fears and pain to find your own truth and Neptune wants you to shift just a bit so that you can connect with your authentic intuitiveness. So, the major players are still in their designated positions on the field. In your corner this month you have your “intellect” (a major All Star player for Virgos) helping you to see that within this current game there are opportunities. Pay special attention October 22nd.

LIBRA – Birthday times are almost never dull. There are usually at least a few planets moving through your sign and impacting your natal sun. That’s because the inner planets often travel “together”. This year is no exception. While Mercury exits the building by October 2nd, the Sun and Venus (9-30) both join Mars already in residence in Libra. It’s a party! Whiles Mars and Venus represent a variety of energies, they are also relationship planets. Libra is a relationship sign. Hence? You got it. Relationship energies are high for all of us this month and especially for YOU.

There is an abundance of “helpful” energy for you this month and I’ll pinpoint some auspicious looking days in just a bit. Meanwhile, there is always a caveat or two for birthday seasons. First, there can be a bit “too much” of even a good thing sometimes. Venus rules your Libran sun and so as it passes by you could find more than you want to deal with on your plate. The other “be aware of” warning is that while our suns are of major importance in our charts, we do have a myriad of other planets and points that are a part of the mix.

With that being said, October 4th, 10th and 14th look very promising as well as the 16th, 18th and 20th. The transiting sun meets up with Mars on the morning of the 23rd (Universal time) just before Sol exits into Scorpio. You have one more burst of Libra energy; use it wisely.

SCORPIO – Those Libra planets won’t be influencing your natal sun much this month; they are however heading your way. There is a bit of “no news is good news” going on at the moment. Jupiter is still in Scorpio and Mercury joins it October 1st (“just passing through, thank you!”). Uranus, planet of change, is in a long term trine to your sun. That’s all good – right? The answer to that is most likely “yes” – in the long run. Expect opportunities to appear through communication. Meeting and greeting and even emailing all count. There are, however, a couple of long term roadblocks to all this good news. You could find that authority figures block those opportunities. You will need to be imaginative to get what you want. Work around the roadblocks; find inventive ways that will let you be true to your authentic self.

SAGITTARIUS – If the days seem a bit brighter and more balanced, if there seems like there is more to do and to enjoy – you can thank the planets in Libra. They aren’t the whole story of course, but they are definitely giving your natal sun an push on the shoulder. There is so much to see and do and appreciate, so much to discover it seems almost sinful NOT to go forth and simply “do it”. The inner planets are all heading toward your sun sign. They won’t be there for a bit, but that is no reason to simply sit around and wait for them to arrive. Jupiter, your sun’s ruler moves into Sagittarius at the end of November. That isn’t 100 percent “good news”, but good enough to look forward to. For now, just enjoy all that there IS to enjoy. October 22nd is the only underlined day this Libra season. You may uncover some truths though reading, writing or other forms of communication. It is a toss up whether these are things you feel you WANT to know, but they are important to the upcoming times. Sometimes Jupiter asks us to give up something in order to have room for its replacement. Knowledge is a part of this picture and the decisions that may need to be made.

CAPRICORN – The inner planets moving through Libra are in a not so friendly aspect to your natal sun. Decisions and choices may need to be made – sometimes precipitated by events you would rather do without. That being said, those same planets are in a more friendly aspect to your sun’s ruler, Saturn. So while this may not be the most pleasant month in recent history, there is also a bit of excitement to get on with it all. Your head, heart and ego will – at different times – be pushing you towards something. That something will of course depend on the placement of planets in your personal chart, but the theme most likely includes a bit of drama, creativity and simply “meism”. Decisions do need to be made, choices abound. This Libra time asks that you take your turns in the road while keeping yourself in mind. It is OK to play by the rules and have a plan, just make sure that the plan has your benefit as part of the picture.

AQUARIUS – Libra days are generally good days for Aquarian folk. That doesn’t mean that everything goes smoothly, but there is a built in ease and flow to this time that is almost always a pleasure. That “Fall” energy is doubled this year in some ways with Jupiter in that same easy aspect to our ruler, Uranus. Mercury gets in there too in October. So in many ways this is simply an excellent time. Saturn is of course still hanging out in Leo across the “sky” from our suns, but that is almost old news by now and while dealing with the brick walls it may present at times isn’t fun, it is getting a bit closer to the norm. While there are plenty of promising looking days out there, watch October 11th for some important insights. Life is always changing. Sometimes we move smoothly with the changes and sometimes we fight against them. Understanding the true nature of what is unfolding will help us “flow” a bit easier – and perhaps even with some purpose.

PISCES -- The best news for Pisces folks is that the inner planets (and the sun of course) have LEFT Virgo territory. So the energy that seemed to be pushing against you – or simply in your face – is most likely decreasing in giant steps. This is sigh of relief time for some. The planets are now in a harmonious, free flowing, aspect to Neptune your ruler. Another good reason to celebrate. The first two weeks in October are a particularly supportive time. The area of your life that these energies play out in will depend of course on your own chart, but the feel of the energy is that of balance, compassion, courtesy and compromise. That energy is merging with a need to find insights beyond the realm of conventional reality. You may find that in order to keep the peace, you may need to step back a bit and keep your own counsel. Don’t forget the energy of “enlightened selfishness” is in effect for you too (see the beginning of this article).

Pluto Loses Planet Status

The International Astronomical Union stripped Pluto of its planet status on Thursday.

What does that mean for astrologers – and Scorpios? While a few horoscopes may go back to using Mars, Scorpio's traditional ruler, for most of us things will probably stay the same.

“Pluto, a planet since 1930, got the boot because it didn't meet the new rules, which say a planet not only must orbit the sun and be large enough to assume a nearly round shape, but must "clear the neighborhood around its orbit." That disqualifies Pluto, whose oblong orbit overlaps Neptune's, downsizing the solar system to eight planets from the traditional nine.”

It is getting slippery out there in Astrology-land. Is something amiss? We have some planets ruling two signs (Venus rules both Taurus and Libra; Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo). Some astrologers have been hoping for a couple of new “planets” so that each sign would have its own ruler. Now, if we take the IAU viewpoint, we revert to earlier times with Scorpio in the Mars camp with Aries. Oh my!

Does Pluto’s planet status really matter? Most likely not. Astrology has worked for centuries on the “as above – so below” principle. By finding correlations between what happens in the sky and what happens on earth, the ENERGY of the celestial body is defined. Pluto is a relatively new discovery in astrological terms, but it is a powerful little planetoid or whatever we decide to call it in the end. Things happen when planets aspect Pluto in a natal chart. Things happen when other planets aspect Pluto in the sky. Sometimes MIGHTY things. No matter what Pluto’s eventual designation ("It's a sloppy definition. It's bad science. It ain't over.") Pluto will be a part of most charts for a very long time – throwing it out because of a scientific ruling would simply diminish our knowledge.

So what about Scorpio? Personally I will still consider Pluto as Scorpio’s ruler. I have no problem with Pluto’s size, distance OR designation. Pluto “works” for Scorpio. The pieces fit, the energy fits. Cancer is ruled by the moon and the MOON isn’t a planet either. In a perfect astrological world we would have twelve signs and twelve ruling planets. We have never had that although there is some case for having Chiron (also not a planet) rule Virgo. Maybe in another thousand years or so we will have a nice balanced system, but the one we have now is working pretty well for us.

August Horoscopes

(August 23 - September 22)

The Sun moves into Virgo the morning of the 23rd Greenwich time - just before midnight of the 22nd on the West Coast of the USA. Mars, planet of action, is well ensconced in Virgo having entered in July. The rest of the faster moving inner planets as well as the moon are meandering through Leo. As we venture into September energies will shift from flamboyant creativity, drama and occasional egocentricity to those of service, helpfulness and competence.
The ability to see what is wrong or not working and correct it is in our communal grasp. That doesn’t mean we will all be in volunteer mode; it doesn’t mean that we will all start coloring WITHIN the lines - in reality or metaphorically. Still the energy is shifting from "what I can do for ME" to "what I can do for others". Both modes have there place. It is simply a change of season.


Desires may be blocked from the 26th and 27th. There are simply things we NEED. For some they will be material requirements, for some they will be emotional needs that call for fulfillment. Reminders that we don’t always get what we want underline some long term energies in the same vein. Our fantasies are sometimes simply fantasies. They have places in our lives, but so does reality. Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the desires of the few. No matter how much we feel we deserve rewards, they can sometimes slip beyond our grasp.

Sometimes helping others is actually a way of helping ourselves. Letting go of our pain by pushing forward and filling our days with “good deeds” is certainly better than wallowing in our heartaches and fears. During the last week of August we have an opportunity to go beyond our day to day trials an see a wider view of what is happening to ourselves and our world. We can make changes that will indeed alter errors. We can right wrongs and journey onward in a more positive vein.

September begins with several good news aspects. While it is still true not everything is in our grasp, it is also true that SOME things are. Whether it be a handful or a barrelful, possibilities exist that will lead to enhancing our lives. By overcoming some deeply engrained fears or avoidances we can open new doors of experience. Fears of flying - in actuality or metaphorically - will only trap us in lonely boxes. Letting go and breaking free is part of this energy. If used well, it can bring a deep sense of self-fulfillment. Ponder carefully before making changes; make sure that the transformations you desire and work for are really yours. Look deeply to uncover truths that may be hidden. There are opportunities if you delve beneath the obvious.

Mars moves into Libra on September 7th and actions may be more focused on partnership, peacekeeping or both. These energies intensify after week two when Mercury, the communication planet, joins the Libra party. Old wounds may surface that bring up questions; decisions may be called for. Balance is the key here; compromise an important ingredient in discussions and actions. Not everything is clear cut, there are an infinite number of shades of gray. Find one that will work for all those involved. If your feelings begin to blur your thoughts, take a step back and walk the perimeter of the question or problem. Being too close and too involved often blinds us to simple solutions. Helping each other gives an opportunity to share in the deepest of ways.

The sun moves into Libra September 22.

By Sign:

Aries - Virgo energy isn't the easiest mode for Aries folks. Subtle shifts are needed this month in order to deal with energies in a smooth and less stressful manner. Difficult scenarios may present themselves near the end of the month. Saying “to hell with it” whatever “it” may be could SEEM like the simplest way to deal with things. But, and isn’t there always a but, the easiest road isn’t always the best road. Think carefully, paying attention to the details, before you make any major decisions. While it may seem like there is a hurry, try not to be pressured -- even if only by yourself. By September 7th, life should be a bit calmer and more even. Seeing occurrences and problems from various perspectives will help you move forward wisely. Periods near the 15th are important dates for communication. Use them well. Try not to push your ideas on others. Listen as well as speak.

Taurus - Days near the 26th and 27th could be difficult. Some lessons in reality -- what you can and can’t accomplish or have -- meet up with what you IMAGINE you can have. There are lessons here if you pay attention. They are most likely not the ones you would chose or wish for however. Things seem brighter by the first of the month. It may be time to leave something behind so that you can move forward. This can be stressful or easy depending on your outlook and willingness for change. Even if events seem forced on you, it is most likely that the eventual outcome will be worthwhile. Try not to get too bogged down in details after the 5th ; there is a fine line between competence and pickiness. Accomplishing your tasks will be hard if you let the small stuff overwhelm you. Watch for something unexpected near midmonth. It could be obvious and difficult to ignore or more subtle with just hints of change. Whatever the scenario, remember to be true to yourself. Yes, this is a test of sorts. There is both excitement and opportunity involved in this change. Still, you may need to give something up in order to accept what is offered.

Gemini - The rest of the inner planets along with the Sun will be joining Mars in a square to your sun soon. Square. Hard corners, turns in the roads, sudden shifts, decisions and choices - most of us aren’t terribly fond of that type of energy. But, and of course there is one, those same planets will be making an enhancing aspect with Jupiter. One of those inner planets is Mercury, your sun’s ruler. OK. Clapping is called for here. Even before the cadre of planets move into Virgo, there is an easier aspect with your ruler. It lands on the 24th of August. And yes, it is to Pluto (oh gasp, PLUTO) but even with Pluto’s ability to get rid of anything we don’t “really” need so that we can move on, this could be an positive time for Geminis. The energy presents itself as CREATIVE THINKING (and conversation - a Gemini requisite) about our pasts, our fears and what we do need to overcome and let go of in order to move forward. Paying attention has always proved to be good advice in dealing with Pluto and some of the other powerful planets (Uranus comes to mind). If you ponder and problem solve now, it is much less likely that lessons will turn harsh later. So this is definitely an opportunity to circumvent some more problematic times in the future. September 3rd is a mixed energy day. There could be opportunities to work out as well as accepting some changes in your life. How easy this will be depends on your personal natal chart. The 9th is NOT the day to plan a party, but the 15th could have possibilities. This will not be a dull month.

Cancer - Virgo days are usually a pleasant time for Cancer folks. There is an excitement to the days, a subtle hint that things are about to “pop”. Colors may seem a bit brighter, flavors more pronounced. So, with that in mind, try not to go overboard in ANY area. Jupiter is still hanging out in Scorpio, trining you sun. Uranus (happily for you) is in Pisces for a LONG time adding extra encouragement to look beyond yourself to find who you really are. Feelings are very much in play for the long term and this month there is nothing blocking you (at least natal sun wise). There will be other times to move forward as well as now, so if you don’t feel ready, use this time to take a look at opportunities you would welcome - ones that would enhance your sense of self worth. Change may be needed; you may need to give up something in order to accept what is offered. There is only so much room in each of our lives. Sometimes housecleaning is in order. It doesn’t really have to be all that difficult, just look for what you no longer need and let it go.

Leo - While your ruler, the Sun, moves into Virgo on the 23rd, a cadre of planets remain in Leo. The focus, while waning, is still on you -- or it may feel that way. Luckily Leo likes the spotlight. The energies lesson as the days of Virgo continue but Saturn remains in Leo for a long while ( until September 2007). So let’s talk a bit about Saturn and its movement across your natal Sun. Saturn represents structure and boundaries as well as lessons we don’t always want to learn. Those with a lot of Leo energies in their chart - and Leo Suns do count here - often find their lives in soap opera mode. This could be a challenging time for you. You may find yourself butting your head against walls - or authority figures. If that seems to be the theme of this next year, try to look at the message in the lessons. If you can’t avoid them, you might as well learn from them. You may find your intellect in sharper than usual mode at the end of August. This is a good time to analyze issues or plans. There may be some challenges to your ego near the 5th of September. Who you are and how your perceive yourself may not fit in with the views of others. Try to take a wide-angled view of any problems that arise. Near the 16th you may be asked to make some decisions that include moving beyond your fears.

Virgo - The planets are moving into your sign. Happy birthday! By the 6th , three planets and the Sun will all be in Virgo. That is a lot of energy directed toward your sun (ego). Birthday months are seldom boring for any of us. There is no reason to believe this will be a “difficult” month for you, but there is a theme going on, one of change. Uranus has been hanging out in Pisces for awhile now, directly across from your sun. As each of the planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus) and the Sun move across the opposition point, you can expect some exclamation mark times and some possible notable events. Mars has already passed this point so that is old news, but Mercury opposes Uranus on September 3rd, the same day it sextiles Jupiter planet of opportunity. Some things need to change; that is a long term goal for Uranus. You need to discover what those changes are for you personally. With so many planets in the analytical sign of Virgo, now would be a good time to put all your intellect to use. The opportunity is certainly there. Another day with a similar theme is the 5th. The 15th can be added to that same list with extra emphasis on making your move. If similar occurrences happen on or around these dates, you will have an important clue as to what the Universe considers in need of modification.

Libra - August 26th and 27th could be tricky days. Lessons could arise -- most likely in the form of dramas -- that you would just as soon avoid. Ah, but avoidance is sometimes futile and this may just be one of those times. The best frame of reference when you want to escape but can’t is a wide-angled view. Let’s call it “angelic” or any other adjective that gives the sense of gazing at something calmly from afar. That is part of the energy at play here. I am not suggesting the impacting energy is easy, but dealing with it from a somewhat distanced perspective can be a useful mode. So try calmly removing yourself from the situation -- as much as you can. The first of the month gives you some buoying energy. If you wish, you can move past old hurts and ingrained fears and find some personal truths. Questions of competence could arise in mid September. Some personal authenticity issues could have you questioning others or more likely yourself. Try not to dwell on the negative. If there is something that you can change, do it. Then move forward. The 19th could be one of your best days in September; it looks good anyway for you natal sun and that isn’t bad.

Scorpio - Jupiter is in the middle of your natal sun sign, around 12 degrees at the moment and from a Scorpio Sun standpoint it could hardly be better. You have until the 23rd of November to make the most of this energy. Then its another 12 years more or less until Jupiter returns to that portion of the sky. Opportunities may have been presenting themselves already. That is a likely scenario. Sometimes though, opportunities arrive couched in problems. At least they seem that way. So if life hasn’t been as rosy as you would expect of late, look at what might be the end results of any troubles. Maybe “rules” have changes; maybe something you expected to happen didn’t. There are long lists of why we may not be satisfied. Jupiter often asks us to make giant leaps of faith in order to reap its rewards. There is certainly a chance that you aren’t ready for what Jupiter is offering. Trust that you know yourself well enough to pass on offerings if necessary. August 24th could be an excellent social day or if you aren’t in reciprocal mode, a day of journal writing, blog entries and the like would do as well. Maybe just creative pondering works best for you. All are supported by the day’s energies. Aspects are mixed at the end of the month. Decisions may be needed to further you desires; analysis will likely be called for. There is a way to move in a positive direction, past any pitfalls. By evaluating your options you can continue in a positive direction. Pluto, your suns ruler, turns direct -- seemingly moving forward in the sky -- on the 4th. Backtracking is no longer in effect. The 9th and the 16th and days near them call for yet more decisions, choices or adjustments. Weigh the pluses and minuses; then make your judgment.

Sagittarius - The inner planets are moving out of Leo and out of the trine to you sun, so in some ways the energies may seem a bit deflated. Saturn, however, stays in a harmonious aspect for awhile still so you have the opportunity to learn some lessons. The good news is that Sagittarius LIKES to learn, so Saturn’s position is at least “semi” welcome. Creative pursuits -- whether art, writing, or simply creative thinking -- are still in focus for awhile. August 29th may bring insights or opportunities that lead to change or a shift in your perception of who you are and what you deserve. Knowing what we want is a precursor to understand the changes needed to get us there. The 3rd through the 6th are encouraging times. Your sleuthing abilities are enhanced as well as your problem solving skills. Add the 9th to your list of promising days. If you are single, this could be a good day to ponder what you need to feel complete partner wise. Or, if you are in a relationship, you might ponder what you need for greater fullfillment. Soon we will be in the sign of Libra which holds definite ties to intimate partnerships, so deciding what you need is good start to finding it.

Capricorn - The rest of the inner planets are joining Mars (already in residence)in a trine to ryou natal sun. Lots of smooth sailing energy is making its way to you. While there are certainly other positive aspects you could wish for, this is pretty good stuff. Most of us enjoy the seasons of the year that trine our natal suns, so there is a good chance you like those lazy late summer days. If that statement rings true, now you know the why of it -- the astrological part anyway. The inner planets frequently travel together and so they often move through a sign about the same time. This year is one of those times for you. When Saturn (your sun’s ruler) moves into Virgo next September you will have even better times to look forward to. Meanwhile, THIS year, Venus (still in Leo) brushes by Saturn on August 26th. Venus being one of the friendlier and more loving planets wants you to know what it is you need to feel complete -- realistically now as it is meeting Saturn. No daydreaming about lottery winnings or your favorite movie star as a partner. I have no doubts you can turn your Capricorn discernment towards this task and find some answers. The road looks smooth this month so far as your sun is concerned, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Aquarius - The inner planets are moving out of opposition to your natal sun and into opposition to your ruler. Is this “better”, “easier”, more “auspicious”? Probably not. In a very general way the energies will probably feel much the same. There are however many other planets and points in our natal charts besides our suns and their rulers so this seemingly dire news doesn’t have to be all that bad. When planets are in opposition to our suns (and in similar ways to the rulers of our suns) there is energy that wants to unfold. It isn’t often easy energy, but just as opposites sometimes attract, oppositions are often meant to jolt us out of our status quo into a place where those opposite energies merge with what we consider “normal”. So watch for events that shake up your world a bit and try to understand why they might be happening and what you can learn from them. Uranian folks are very good at the big picture but sometimes lose track of the trees in the forest. So sometimes we need louder hints from the Universe, intimately directed toward our personal worlds. Amidst all those “lesson” days (September 3rd, 5th, and 15th in particular) we have what could be our best day of this Virgo season - August 29th. Watch for opportunities around that time. If there are lessons involved -- and sometimes even gentle aspects can be teachers -- they will likely concern truth, imagination or dreams. (Also see Pisces below.)

Pisces - With the inner planets and the sun joining Mars already opposing your sun right after opposing your ruler, much of the info for Aquarius applies to Pisces natives. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is in Pisces and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is in Aquarius. And those two signs are opposite the astrological wheel form Leo and Virgo, where many of the planets and have been and where they are going. But wait! Jupiter, our planet of bounty and opportunity is in a very friendly aspect to your natal sun. That will most likely take some harshness away from the less than welcome energies of oppositions. It should also help buffer the difficult times a bit for Aquarius. So, while this may not be the easiest of months for your natal sun, we have lots of other planets and points in our charts. It is pretty much guaranteed that there are some stellar moments to be had. The 27th and 31st of August could be difficult so take care of yourself and try to let any lessons wash over you as best you can. Be like the water moving around the rocks.

Postcards From the Firmament

The night sky beckons - dark with mystery and hints of promises.
As the patterns of the planets orbit within shadowless obsidian space, we gaze with wonder and ask how these celestial bodies influence our lives. Do they compel us, taunt us, tempt us or merely ask for our awareness?
I believe in free will. I believe that within the story that is our lives we have options. Are the choices presented to us written in some great tome in another dimension? Have our lives been planned for us - or by us? We each must decide that for ourselves.
Evolutionary astrology teaches that we each have a path and a theme in our lives. It is often a recurring theme - most of us don’t learn our lessons easily. So our past life stories often suggest the whys and the hows and the wherefores of the themes of this lifetime. Our birth charts give us a roadmap of where we hope to go and what we plan to strive for.
The transiting planets circle the perimeters our individual birth charts in the same way they appear to move across our night skies. As the planetary symbols contact the points and planets of our natal charts their energies impact our lives and we are presented with opportunities to learn and grow. These moments aren’t always pleasant and they aren’t always wanted, but they are indeed part of the grand celestial design -- and in part -- OUR plan.
Sky Talks looks at the influences of the transiting planets and how they effect our lives. There are always messages inherent in a planet’s travels; some are enduring, some fleeting. To take advantage of the these energies, we simply need to read the signs they offer us. You might think of these communications as postcards from the firmament.